We are SO EXCITED to announce to launching some new ways for you all to communicate and support each other! This community has grown so fast and is full of beautiful humans with amazing insight.

We are starting by opening a Facebook group for you to ask questions, give advice, celebrate accomplishments, and find others who are dealing with similar challenges. The group is closed to protect our community, so please ask to join!

Our group is called Generating Resilience for Academic Dissertation (GRAD) and it's the first of a series of new community-support initiatives!

So many of you asked for these kinds of things. It is going to take some work but we think creating more possibilities for you to feel supported. We can't guarantee a safe space, but we are trying to create them. We are looking forward to announcing (sometime in December) the next big #phdepression campaign!

In the meantime, go join the group and get chatting - https://www.facebook.com/groups/ThePhDepressionGRADs/ You can also email ThePhDepressionGRADs@groups.facebook.com

Emails sent to this address will appear as posts in the group.

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