We are surrounded by other academics, all pursuing knowledge and growth. In our campuses, our institutes, our laboratories, our libraries, we are together. Still though, inside of ourselves, we feel alone.

One in four graduate students are facing mental illnesses like anxiety and depression, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at us. We cannot see others fighting the same pressures and struggling alongside us.

Isolation within our work, poor mentorship in our labs, loneliness even among peers. It is up to us to break the silence and to give others the support we all deserve.

If you are struggling… if your mental health is failing… if a work-life balance seems impossible… if you fight mental illness in Higher Education… You are not alone.

Welcome to The PhDepression. Breaking the stigma around Mental Illness in Academia.


We all know what it is like to feel alone in academia, where everyone seems successful. We can’t tell if someone will think less of us if they knew how we were struggling. We are the invisible, but we are many.

Carrying our logo shows others that you want to create a space in academia where we support each other as complex humans in tricky situations. Our NEW merchandise allows you to show support without saying too much – without our name, you can feel comfortable just saying you liked the image.

Put these stickers where others can see them (laptop, water bottle, travel cup, luggage, etc.) to show your solidarity with our cause wherever you go. We want our community to connect all over the world, whether in classrooms, conferences or coffee shops. Not into stickers? The notebooks also have the 'nameless' logo. They make make a great gift for a friend or a family member who have supported you or for whom you want to show support!

Want to support us financially without buying much? We priced our stationary cards to increase our profit while allowing you to minimize material consumption. All cards are marked with our name so that you can post it as a resource to others if you would like.

And if you see our logo, please say hi to a fellow academic! It feels good to be seen.

What are we planning to do with the funds?
All proceeds help us grow and reach more people. Our costs include website design and maintenance, promotional materials, travel for speaking events and more. We depend on your trust, and we want to always maintain that trust through transparency.

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