Susanna Harris

FOUNDER, Contributor, and Social Media (Instagram)

Susanna is working on her PhD in Microbiology and founded The PhDepression LLC to provide a community for others like her who struggle with mental illness.

Follow her on Twiter and Instagram at @susannalharris

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA


Rebecca Enderby

Website Coordinator, Editor, and Blogger (Mental Health Professional)

Rebecca  received her PhD in Geography in 2018 after battling with severe anxiety.  She is a writer and yoga teacher and passionate about helping graduate students deal with stress and anxiety.

Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @enderbyyoga

Bristol, England, UK.


Mona Ahonen

Social Media: Twitter

Mona is currently a PhD student in Chemistry and runs The PhDepression Twitter handle to help spread mental health awareness and keep the conversation going!

Follow her on Instagram at @thehypersomniacgrad and on Twitter at @hypotensivegrad 

Chapel Hill, NC, USA


Caileen Brison


Caileen is a 5th year PhD Student in Chemistry at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Caileen loves many things including running, her adorable dog, Argentine tango, wine, doing biochemistry, and sharing mental garbage to better the world.

Follow her at @caimarison on Instagram

Santa Cruz, California, USA


Daniel Morse


Daniel is a postdoctoral researcher at Cardiff University, Wales (UK) and an editor at The PhDepression.

Follow him on Twittter and Instagram @danieljmorse

Cardiff, Wales, UK.


Shaina Garrison Roth


Shaina is a PhD student in the department of Pschology and Neuroscience. She is a contributor to The PhDepression Instagram and blog.

Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @shainaleigh_xo

Chapel Hill, NC, USA



Ellen KW Brennan

Contributor and Editor

Ellen is PhD candidate in neuroscience at the University of Michigan.

Follow her on Instagram: @rescuesrescueme

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA


Abigail Courtney


Abigail is a graduate student at UGA studying chromatin structure and function in the fungus Neurospora crassa. She is passionate smashing the stigma of mental illness and about helping others tell their best story.

Athens, Georgia, USA


Emily Vanaman


Emily is working towards a Master of Arts and Liberal Studies with a focus on the impact of gender and gender performance in visual storytelling. She joined The PhDepression team to add filmmaking as another way to share these deeply courageous, poignant, powerful and personal narratives. 

Follow her on Instagram @blinka

Chapel Hill, NC, USA


Susanna Park

Contributor and Editor

Susanna is a PhD student in Global Health.  Her research interests include mental health, conflict and health, refugee health, minority health.

Follow her on Instagram @sujanee

Corvallis, Oregon, USA


Diana Klatt

Contributor, Editor, and Website Development

Diana is a graduate student that splits her time between New York City and Florence, Italy conducting research and working with migrants and mental health. She is passionate about connecting science to everyday life.

Follow her on Instagram at @klattalyst

Brooklyn, New York, USA
Florence, Italy

Tayler Kent


Tayler is a PhD Candidate in Reproductive Pharmacology at Murdoch University in Western Australia. Her research focuses on determining if popular 'fertility-boosting' herbal medicines actually have a direct effect on sperm cells. Other than science, she loves pizza, fitness (usually both in the same day) and science communication. 

Follow her on Instagram at @taylercatherine.

Western Australia.


The PhDepression Mental Health Professionals


Jeremiah E. Dieujuste

Jeremiah E. Dieujuste, M.S. MFT is a Certified Coach, Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist. He has written some pieces for our page and has graciously offered to provide a discount to our community for life coaching sessions.

Please check out his website, and say we sent you!
Follow him on Instagram at @thereal_jmanny

Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA


Megan Prowse

Megan is a psychotherapist and is working on her PhD in psychology! She joined The PhDepression team to provide selfcare tips and ideas.

Follow her at @citypsychchick on Instagram

Bristol, England, UK